About this guy

My name is Manuel Palacios. I’m Spanish and my passion is writing. The main idea of ​​this website is not only to have my own space as an author, but also to share with you all the processes I go through while I write: lessons learned, experiences, problems… because I know how hard it is to go through this all and how usefull are external references. Thats why in this website you wil have freedom to ask and consult me whatever you need.

In this blog I’d also like to discuss about literature, movies and video games that influence my daily life; the ideas they give me or their contribution to my career, which could be useful for you too! Sharing is caring, they say; and there is nothing better than helping each other so be welcomed here!


But who’s the dude I´m talking about?

Short version

After finishing my bachelor of Tourism Management in 2011 I decided to travel and explore the world instead of limiting myself to the stories I had been living through books, comics and movies. My steps led me to find work in Japan and to meet countries like Nepal, China and many others. In 2015, through my marketing and management skills, I decided to set up my own travel website where I’d tell all these stories as I helped others to travel the same way. This web also helped me to earn some money by writing or creating media content for agencies and other businesses. In August of the same year I began a trip without return ticket through Southeast Asia that has taken me to learn about cultures and live very special adventures up until now. Thanks to all the lessons learnt, now I am the one who writes adventures and today, almost two years later, my first novel is about to come out.


Extended version (director´s cut)

Let´s be honest. I was never a good reader. However, as far as my mind reaches, writing has always saved my life. I started writing comics when I was not even ten and tried to draw them. Badly, of course. What can you expect from a ten year old kid? It was not until I was well into my adolescence that I began to discover the classics, such as the works of Alexandre Dumas, H.G. Wells or Robert L. Stevenson. I have always been fond of comics -and I still am-, of adventure, of stories about exploration and discovery. When J.R.R. Tolkien’s books came to my life, everything changed. Then fantasy and science fiction arrived, although at that time I already tightly co-existed with the Star Wars universe. Then I found other authors like James Luceno and R.A. Salvatore. Discovering Patrick Rothfuss and his Kingskiller Chronicles made me realize that I wanted to tell stories too.

When I finished my studies of Tourism Management, I started to work in the hotel industry. But soon after I decided to break away from everything and be the adventurer I read in the stories. I left my home to try starting out in Japan. I lived there for a season, looking for work until the economic difficulties forced me to return to Spain. But I did it with a blog under my sleeve, weekly stories of experiences published on it, a small series of videos on YouTube and a persistent desire to repeat the experience soon, and better.

After that, I planned other trips to explore this world. They took me to Nepal, China, Thailand and Malaysia amongst others between 2012 and 2013. I trained kung-fu with the monks and companions in the Shaolin temple of Henan, due to my passion for martial arts. It all culminated in a trip in 2014 that would take me across the Asian continent, from Beijing to Kathmandu, touring China and the Tibetan steppes, going throught the himalayas, facing Mount Everest and living one of the most spectacular adventures of my life. You can read that story here -in Spanish-, in a somewhat bizarre way, but I promise one day I’ll transfer it into novel format.

During all that time, I had a great experience working as the community manager of my own social networks, which complemented my marketing knowledge and grounded the bases of the new blog I would open, this time in a more professional format, called Mundo Viajero, which eventually got me some income through advertising and writing for agencies and tourism-related companies.

Finally, in August of 2015 I left the hotel where I had worked since I returned from Japan to begin the adventure of my life: a trip with no return ticket that would take me throughout Southeast Asia, narrating my travels while getting some punctual work for companies through the blog, whether writing articles or making videos.

However, the most important thing is that during all this time I would start outlining the novel that will come out soon. Now, almost two years later, my journey continues far from home, but with projects clearer than ever.