Your Name (君の名は) – 10 line reviews

I greatly appreciate those moments in which one discovers a film of those that take everything from the inside, those moments during the final credits in which one still revolves around what has seen. This film has that and much more. ‘Your name (Kimi no na wa)’ is a 2016 animation film based on the story of a boy and a girl who, at times, are exchanging bodies without realizing it, but everything has a meaning in the lives of both of them. The movie has beautiful designs, radiant colors, a curious and interesting storyline and unexpected plot twists that turn our hearts upside down. The only handicap that I’ve appreciated is the Japanese tendency to stretch some scenes to add emotionality, and those, if poorly managed, can become kind of soporific at times. ‘Your name’ is, above all, a beautiful and sweet film, and I recommend it to everyone because, among other things, I think Japanese animation has long ceased to be something for a few people.

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